Ball Camp Elementary School Addition & Renovation
Knoxville, TN

This $4,400,000.00 project scope includes site work, renovations to areas within the existing school and a 36,000 s.f. addition to the existing 52,000 s.f. school. The renovation and addition provides a net increase of approximately 250 students to the overall capacity.

The existing site layout and traffic pattern was completely redesigned to provide better car drop off with appropriate stacking distance and a new bus drop off area, both with new canopies. The new site circulation moved the existing administration wing from one side of the school to the opposite side, tying together with the media center and classroom addition. A new on grade entry and elevator makes the entire school now handicap accessible. An existing drive was removed to allow access to the existing playground without having to cross traffic. All of this extensive work occurred in about 15 months while allowing continual use of the existing facility.

This project included the addition of eleven (11) new classrooms, a new art room and art courtyard, a new music room, a new media center with associated office and storage, a new clinic and a completely new administration area, complete with secure vestibule and windows placed to allow visual control of the entry by the staff and principal. The media center is located near the entry and parking for public after hour usage. An alternate design not built also included a proposed a new cafeteria expansion and gymnasium.

The interior spaces within the existing school were renovated and repurposed to provide new group toilets, teacher work areas on both levels, a new guidance office, new meeting spaces and new computer labs. The existing media center was renovated to provide two new classrooms. The existing administration area was renovated to provide a new music room. A new courtyard was created from existing exterior space to allow natural light into the classrooms and provide an outdoor teaching area.
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