K-25 Museum
Oak Ridge, TN

The K-25 Museum tells the story of the Manhattan Project and specifically the role the K-25 site played enriching uranium for use in the atomic bombs that were used to bring World War II to an end. There will be a History Center (indoor museum) located on the upper floor of the existing fire station located on the K-25 site. Then there is the Equipment Building; a full-scale representation of one building cell from the original K-25 building where the uranium gas was processed and enriched. And attached is the Viewing Tower which will provide panoramic views of the K-25 building footprint and site from a height of 60 feet. And finally there will be twelve Wayside Stations and exhibits located around the perimeter of the K-25 building footprint. These can be accessed by visitors who wish to walk, drive or ride bicycles around the site.
Lighting Renderings by Carrie Walker with SESCO Lighting, Inc.