the Public Library at Tellico Village
Tellico Village, TN
The community of Tellico Village located in Loudon County, Tennessee, decided to build a public county library, raising local funding and with the help of a low interest ARRA (American Reinvestment and Recovery Act) loan. The building committee for the Friends of the Tellico Village Library listed LEED certification as their number one priority.

The building is 6,442 square feet, with a large courtyard centered on a 200-year-old holly tree, one of the oldest of that species in Tennessee. The building is constructed with eight-inch wood frame walls to allow for their height as well as their R-19 insulation value. The roof is made entirely of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) with an R-30 insulation value. Three foot deep roof eaves on all sides allow for large windows with nearly no direct sunlight. The exterior walls around the large courtyard include continuous windows illuminating the library interior with indirect light. The library is lit with high efficiency fluorescent lighting. The heating and cooling for the building is a high efficiency Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) system. The plumbing fixtures are all efficient, water-saving models.

The parking lot is constructed with light colored, permeable pavers with storm water storage underneath. The roof of the building (also meeting reflectivity requirements) collects its water in an underground storage tank where it is filtered and pumped to the landscape irrigation system.